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Showing Some Skin - Exacoat

One of the big deciding factor of getting a phone besides of the specs, is the design. And sometimes, it's a bummer that you have to cover the form and shape inside a case. That notion frequently crosses my mind, as if it is urging me to reconsider my decision about whether or not I should leave my phone unprotected. Well, I like how leaving my phone without a case looks, but I have to make sure I don't drop it or put it near anything that can scratch the surface. It is much safer with cases, but it detracts from the beauty of the phone.


Anyway, I'm putting iPhone and Apple stuff out of this conversation because there are a lot, lot of Apple accessories in the market that look, feel, and work well. If you happened to be an iPhone user looking for a case, take a look at my Instagram guide to see what I'm talking about.

Back to topic, yes, I'm talking about my work smartphone that I've reviewed before here. Not going to lie, finding a suitable case for these types of smartphones is quite challenging, and I've only managed to find one sort of case, which is a translucent soft case that is pretty boring.


So, after some consideration, I've decided to simply slap some skin on this phone. I know I still have to be careful not to drop the phone, but there are two benefits here: my phone still looks wonderful, and the skin protected the body from scratches. And here how it looks.

I got mine from Exacoat. Purchasing skins from their website is a pleasant experience. I can see how my smartphone will look after the skin is installed.

Screenshot from

Installing the skin is quite simple. In fact, they include video tutorial on their website to make sure we install it correctly. Also, because it's made of 3m vinyl material, it won't leave no adhesive residue, at all.

Anyway if you're planning to get some skin for your device, you can use this code: EDWIN15 or if you just want to browse you can go directly to their website here. Oh, for the skin I choose their special release, called Forged Carbon.

I actually went overboard and purchase a lot more than what I show you above. I also got some for my iPhone and MacBook. Looks awesome innit?

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